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9 Unique & Cool Wedding Registry Ideas

Creating a registry with your fiancé is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. But depending on your background, you might already own a lot of the traditional wedding gifts. These days many people get married older when they already have dishes, towels, and all the various accouterments needed to stock their first home or apartment.

Fortunately, your wedding registry is entirely up to you, and there’s no need to register for a shower curtain or cutting boards if you don’t need those items. Check out these unique ideas for your wedding registry! (See the last one on the list for my personal favorite!)

Donate to charity
I put this one first because I really can’t compete with it. It is good to be charitable and scripture says, “The Lord loves a cheerful giver.” Maybe you have everything you need, and if so, that’s great! Consider asking your guests to donate to charities that matter to you and your partner. Link to a variety of charitable organizations on your website in lieu of a wedding registry. I can create a custom-made webpage where you can feature all of the details of your wedding day along with your registries to save you time and energy. Ask me for more information if you’re interested. See a SAMPLE WEDDING SITE here (created by Rodney Smith Photography). 

Stock your kitchen for future meals
You may not need pots and pans, but what’s to stop you from filling your kitchen with delicious ingredients? Register for a monthly meal kit membership like Hello Fresh or for subscription boxes of locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Need to work on your cooking skills? Add some fun cooking classes to your registry, and you’ll be hosting your dream dinner party in no time at all!

Relieve your wedding stress
Now that wedding planning and the big day itself are behind you, you may need an opportunity to de-stress. Plan ahead and add a couple’s massage to your registry and get your first year of marriage off to a relaxing start.

Get out and start exploring
Maybe you want to try something adventurous together, like white water rafting or bungee jumping. Or maybe you’d like to learn a new skill or explore local trails and mountain views. Look for classes and workshops in your area that you’d love to try out together.

See the last option below for a great idea!

Add some adventure to your honeymoon
You likely know that you can set up a honeymoon fund to allow people to donate to your first married vacation, but did you know you can also request activities like sailing trips or surfing lessons? There are a variety of online honeymoon registries like Honeyfund that allow you to choose your dream trip and add adventures and activities to enjoy together.

Fund a down payment on a new home
Eager to get out of your rented place and into a home of your own? Instead of a honeymoon fund, create a fund to contribute to your down payment on a new home and let your guests know that their gifts will help you achieve a huge dream! You can also set up a fund to remodel your existing home if you have some big plans for your current space.

Learn something new together
If the two of you have ever wanted to learn a language, you can actually register for local or online classes to help you get fluent in Spanish, French, or just about any other language. Whether you want to be able to order at a fancy restaurant or are planning a big European vacation, learning a new language can be a great bonding experience for the two of you.

Create multiple registries for all your wants and needs
If you’re unsure what registry to go with, consider creating several registries to provide your guests with multiple options. Your wedding website is the perfect place to list all your registries, from the traditional department store for the grandparents to funds for your honeymoon or a home down payment.

Create a registry for your wedding album and custom wall art fund
See, I told you this was a great idea! Joking aside, most couples spend as much or more on their wedding album as they do on their photography package. I offer gift certificates and registries to help you off-set the cost of your photography products. Your album and wall art are the most important things you’ll have once your wedding day is over.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions! You can sign up for a time to chat HERE or give me a call. I’m here to help any way I can.

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