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Why Should I Take Bridal Portraits?

Elk River Country Club Bridal Portrait

Your wedding planning process has probably led to tons of to-do lists, and you definitely don’t want to add yet another thing to your list! But a professional bridal portrait can be an incredibly moving and important keepsake from your wedding that you will cherish for years to come.

Your bridal portrait is definitely worth the time and effort, so read on to learn why you need this for your wedding.

Capture the memories of your bridal experience
Your bridal portraits are a great way to immortalize all those priceless moments that happened leading up to and on your wedding day! From bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and engagement shoots to dress fittings, bridal portraits will help you bring back all those special memories from this special and happy time in your life. Capturing these moments through photos can be a wonderful way to recall them whenever you like.

Practice posing and strutting your stuff
Your bridal portraits are a fun way to get practice posing for pictures and help brides calm any nerves they may have about being photographed during their wedding. For brides who want to get used to wearing their wedding dress before the big day, bridal portraits are a great chance to do so and to get some stunning portraits of you in your gorgeous dress.

But even if you don’t feel nervous about your wedding photos, getting used to taking bridal portraits before the wedding is still an excellent way of ensuring that everything goes smoothly on your special day.

Build confidence and calm your nerves before the wedding
Taking bridal portraits is an excellent way to help brides build confidence in front of the camera before the wedding. Even if you don’t feel nervous about your wedding day, it can still be a good idea to pose for bridal portraits in advance to capture that special bridal glow you may have been feeling but didn’t know how to capture. Nothing will give you more peace of mind on the big day than knowing you look and feel absolutely beautiful!

Create updated wedding portraits
Even brides who have tons of nice photos from their engagement sessions may still want to consider having bridal portraits created because they can create a whole new set of bridal photos for your gift registry, save-the-date cards, and thank you cards. Plus, bridal portraits are a great way to update your wedding portrait with the style that is in now and will help ensure that you look gorgeous at every event during the wedding season. Just ask any celebrity bride!


Capture the inner beauty and happiness you feel
Your bridal portrait captures not just how beautiful you look on your big day but also how happy and content you feel after getting married. Whether it’s your bridal smile, your natural bridal glow, or the happiness you feel in embracing your new life as a married woman, bridal portraits are an excellent way for brides to show off their inner beauty.

Looking back on your bridal portrait years from now will help you look back fondly at this special time in your life and will ensure that you always have a lovely reminder of everything that made it so wonderful. Plus, bridal portraits can help you relive all those magical wedding moments through beautiful images that you can cherish forever!

Some brides think bridal portraits aren’t important because they’re not required by law or tradition (like bouquets or certain parts of the ceremony often are), but wedding photography is an important part of wedding planning. The bridal portrait experience is enjoyable, and brides will appreciate the opportunity to capture these memories in advance of their wedding day!

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